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Before you start reading about this title, if you would be so kind as to provide your thoughts on potential new names for us as a game development company:

Welcome, so you might be curious what Honest Eyes is all about.

Well for starters it's a game made in RPG Maker MV, a simple yet powerful game maker for 2D titles.
You can get many different kinds of games out of the engine but in this case this is a very story focused title.

The story initially began with the idea of a girl who is a hopeless romantic but with a twist, her feelings are written on her face, literally.
Her eye colour reflects the emotion she's experiencing.
You'll get to interact with her and the residents of the town.

You might suspect that there's some sort of gimmick in the gameplay itself that might ruin your experience, not at all, this is pure story.
An interactive movie if you will.

Thanks to RPG Maker's character generator we can create a wide variety of facial expressions for the cast.
Ideally the game would have a few endings and spans for an entire in-game year but don't worry, the endings won't have strange requirements like finding this hidden item.

Your choices are all it will take to get each ending (When we've finished and it's not a demo that is).
We hope you will enjoy the story and please do ask questions or provide feedback.
We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Do note:
The game is intended for people who are 18+ and contains themes which whilst not inappropriate, may not be suitable for those under the age rating.

The current progress will take roughly an hour to reach the end but the final game will be much longer.


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